8th IASIU Europe Insurance Fraud Seminar & Expo 2016, 13.-15.06.2016

New methods and technologies to fight insurance fraud will be discussed in the middle of June in Vienna, Austria. Media forensic screening developed by dence helps to identify manipulated images and media files. We will present our current software and hope to see you there (conference program).

Symposium on Liability Fraud (in German), 1.-2.06.2016

An introduction to possibilities to manipulate digital images and media files will be given by Dr. Thomas Gloe during the Symposium organised by the German Insurance Association GDV.

Nederlands Register Gerechtelijk Deskundigen (NRGD)

Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Gloe for becoming a member of the advisory committee of assessments of the NRGD (Netherlands) in the area of digital forensics. We thank the NRGD for the provided confidence. More information is available at the website of the NRGD.

Digital Forensics Research Workshop (DFRWS) EU, 29.-31.03.2016

Every year practioners from industry and police, academics and software developers meet at the DFRWS EU to present and discuss new methods in the area of digital forensics. This year the venue is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. dence organises a workshop on forensic methods for virtual currencies developed in the project BITCRIME (conference program).

19. European Police Congress, 23.-24.02.2016

dence presents methods to analyse and simulate Bitcoin transactions in a panal on virtual currencies organised by members of the German Federal Police on 23.02.2016 (congress program).

Winner of the IEEE Image Forensics Challenge

The dence Team de.tector identified all image manipulations correctly and earned a 1st place in the 1st Image Forensics Challenge of IEEE. The results will be presented at IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security, 18.-21. November 2013. The IEEE is the biggest international professional association for electrical engineering and information technology based in New York, USA.

Training Seminar in Digital Multimedia Forensics, 16.-18.09.2014

In a three-day seminar on digital multimedia forensics, members of dence GmbH give a basic introduction to the systematic evaluation of authenticity of digital media data. (CCG e.V.).

Second place in business plan competition 2013

A business plan for the startup team digital evidence wins the second place in business plan competition of the chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Technische Universität Dresden (further information in German).

Dissertation prize by SAP for research in the area of multimedia forensics

Thomas Gloe received an award for his dissertation on the use of device-dependent characteristics in digital image forensics (further information in German).

The 1st ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security, 17.-19.06.2013

Jakob Hasse presents a new method for the forensic identification of GSM mobile phones (further information).

FFA-Symposium "unplugged" 2013, 13.-14.04.2013

Thomas Gloe gives an introduction into digital image forensics at the FFA-Symposium "unplugged" 2013, Bielefeld, 14th April 2013 (further information in German).

CeBIT 2013, 07.-08.03.2013, Halle 9, Stand D34

We visit CeBIT and present technology to check the authenticity of digital images, video and audio recordings as a startup team of the University of Münster and Technische Universität Dresden at the booth of the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS). Please read the (invitation in German).