Software tools to check the authenticity of media data

dence media screening

The software dence media screening provides an automatic check of the authenticity of digital images for integration in processes of companies and public authorities.

  • Fully automatic, patent-pending authenticity check of media files
  • Separate between original, obviously manipulated and post-processed images
  • Case-based analysis, anomaly detection and detection of duplicates
  • Designed for big data scenarios
  • Integration in server architectures
  • Fast and reliable forensic analysis
  • Save costs due to early detection of manipulations / anomalies
  • Customizable depending on your requirements and IT environment
  • Automatic check with our database of micro traces
  • Monitor media quality

dence investigator professional

The desktop software dence investigator professional extends the automatic check provided by dence media screening with tools to analyse traces in digital images in detail. The software is also suitable for stand-alone environments used by experts or investigating authorities w/o access to forensic media screening.

  • Efficient check of the originality of digital images
  • Detect image manipulations
  • Determine the origin of images
  • Check auxiliary information, like meta data