Every case is different and not every question can be answered using standard forensic tools. Benefit from our years of experience and receive individual consulting in the area of digital forensics. Our cutting edge trainings support you and your colleagues to find and analyse digital traces in an efficient manner. On request we provide expert opinions to answer your questions about the history and authenticity of digital data.


Do you need support for the acquisition, examination and analysis of digital data?

Checking authenticity of media data. Do you have questions about the authenticity and originality of digital images, voice or video recordings, or digital documents? Do you want to check the authenticity of media files automatically and do you have questions about the requirements? Do you need support for specific file formats? Do you need consulting about best integration strategies in the work flow of your department?

Understanding virtual currencies. Do you have questions about the handling of virtual currencies, like Bitcoin? Do you need support in analysing and tracing transactions? Do you want to analyse traces left by virtual currency applications on a client device and do search for appropriate methods?

dence offers consulting about possibilities, challenges and borders of digital forensic methods. Together with you, we create tailored steps for the integration of new methods in the work flow of your company or public authority.


Do you want to prepare you or your colleagues in handling digital traces? Benefit from our experience. We offer trainings on the forensic analysis of digital media files and other digital artefacts since 2010. Trainings can be provided in English or German. Individual trainings or on-site trainings are available on request. Please contact us to receive the list of current training events.

Expert opinions in the area of digital forensics

Members of dence GmbH create expert opinions since 2009 for customers in Germany and other European countries. Our goal is to provide an independent examination of your questions. Based on our experience, we answer your questions using state-of-the-art methods and a thorough analysis. We provide expert opinions for individuals, companies and public authorities (e.g., court and police).

Our main areas of expertise are:

Checking authenticity of media data

  • Checking originality of media files
  • Detection of manipulations of media content
  • Determining the origin of digital media recordings
  • Checking existence, completeness and originality of all available auxiliary data (including time and location)
  • Plausibility check of auxiliary data, visible media content and the story behind a case

Virtual currencies

  • Analysis of the transaction history
  • Detection of related addresses
  • Analysis of traces left by virtual currency wallet applications

Digital forensics

  • Analysis of log files and traces left by used software
  • Analysis of traces left by mobile applications