Software tools for the analysis of virtual currency transactions

Virtual (decentralised cryptographic) currencies, like Bitcoin, perceive a growing interest. One of the major components is the blockchain, a public ledger storing all committed transactions of all users. dence is an active member of the project BITCRIME targeting prosecution and prevention of organized financial crime with virtual currencies.

dence blockchain investigator

The desktop software dence blockchain investigator allows users to analyse and visualise information stored in the blockchain on a local computer (w/o Internet access). Possibilities to explore available transactions, addresses and related groups of addresses interactively are provided. The retrieved data can be visualised and extended by user-specific annotations.

dence bitcoin simulator

The simulation environment developed by dence allows experiments and trainings using Bitcoins w/o spending real money. Hypotheses about sequences of user interactions with the Bitcoin network can be checked and studied. The functionality of client software used in a virtual currency network can be trained and tested in a controlled and separated environment. The simulation environment is used in our trainings on virtual currencies to prepare users for practice.

Software tools developed by dence are currently focusing on the Bitcoin network. The software is targeting public authorities and made available for first user tests. Please get in touch for further information.

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